New England
Tracy Student Center, full of students taking their first few steps (pun intended) into swing!


Upon emerging from Thursday’s classes on Pascal and Kierkegaard, the 2021 New England High School Summer Program students were ready for whatever lay in store that evening. The group made its way right from the classroom building to Tracy Student Center, where prefect Isaac Cross (’19) led the first dance of the program. Using the basic swing step as a foundation, Isaac walked the crowd through a few simple dance moves. By the end of the session he had everyone feeling more confident and poised.

  • A pair of students starts with a swing step
  • Students applaud
  • Students practice their first dance "turn"
  • Closeup of two students, mid-step
  • A pair of students, laughing a little as they try to execute a step
  • Two student dance couples practicing their moves
  • A dance couple afront the coffee shop
  • Two students getting the hang of the swing step
  • Two students beginning a turn
  • Isaac Cross, in the center of the room, demonstrates dance moves with Niamh McCann
  • A pair of students take their places afront the fireplace
  • A pair of students try an inside turn
  • Paired up, the students walk in a circle around the student center
  • A pair of students dancing
  • Prefects: David Carey dances with Irene Collins
  • Prefects: Niamh McCann dances with Kevin Murphy

A small group then walked next door to Olivia Music Hall for a choir practice, led by Stephen Grimm (’75), in preparation for Mass on Sunday. Others opted to stay in Tracy and continue to practice their newly learned dance moves. Having worked up a good appetite, everyone then headed to Gould Commons for a delicious Peruvian pork and rice dinner. 

Then it was down to Dolben Library for study hall. Students prepared readings from the 19th century biologist Jean-Henri Fabre as well as St. Thomas’ fifth way for proving the existence of God. The material provokes a fascinating continuation of yesterday’s discussion about God’s existence, as they argue for the necessity of an intelligent designer.

After study hall, many prayed the Rosary in Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel before returning to the Dolben auditorium for a talk on art and beauty by Dr. John Nieto, a member of the College’s California teaching faculty. The lecture began with Dr. Nieto’s own experience of beauty and St. Thomas’ definition of the term, and then focused on various aspects of paintings that the programmers will see later today in a special outing to an art museum. 


Dr. John Nieto delivers his lecture


Iced mochas were awaiting students back in the coffee shop upon the conclusion of the talk, and everyone enjoyed a little social time in Tracy Student Center before heading back to their residence halls. Today features what promises to be an unforgettable trip to both an art museum and a concert starring cellist Yo-Yo Ma, so be sure to check back for photos and details!


The prefects prepare dozens upon dozens of iced mochas at the coffee shop counter