“Growing up and in high school, I always thought there were two kinds of people: good Catholics, and people who are fun,” says Max Tittmann (’22), repeating a story that’s been told many times by alumni of Thomas Aquinas College’s High School Summer Program. “Coming to the Summer Program, I realized that there’s a way to really be both of those.”

At the Summer Program — which is offered for two weeks at both the College’s California and New England campuses — rising high school seniors see, sometimes for the first time, that it’s possible to be serious about your faith and to work hard while having great fun. They discover that the very best friendships are those built around the things that matter most.

“For me one of the biggest things was being with a really solid group of guys — great Catholics who thoroughly believed in everything they were doing,” says Max, “but were also really fun people.”

For Max and for many others, the experience of the High School Summer Program was life-altering. “That was mind-blowing to me and something I didn’t know existed prior to the Summer Program,” he says. “It just kind of made me fall in love with this place.”

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