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Angela (Andersen ’87) Connelly
Angela (Andersen ’87) Connelly

Following the success of her first book, The Crowded Table: The Brave and Beautiful Choice to Mother Many, Angela (Andersen ’87) Connelly has released a follow-up: The Crowded Table 2: The Fatherhood Adventure.

Cover: The Crowded Table 2Whereas the first Crowded Table emphasized a flourishing culture’s need for authentic motherhood, its sequel offers the complementary perspective. “Our culture does not necessarily respect the importance of the gift that men who embrace fatherhood bring to the table,” reads the book’s description. More simply, says Mrs. Connelly, our world “doesn’t value men and fatherhood enough.”

Together with coauthors Megan Rieder McDaniel and Manola Pereza de Secaira, Mrs. Connelly hopes to change that.  Her new book aims to affirm true masculinity in all its forms, both serious and lighthearted. “Men, your leadership, love, guidance, strength, are vitally important,” reads the description. “They are gifts only you can uniquely bring to the table.”

Alongside their own contributions, the authors collated reflections from 56 husbands and fathers, including fellow alumni Peter Lemmon (’85), Michael Van Hecke (’86), and Charles Goodwin (’10), as well as a foreword from Thomas Aquinas College President Dr. Paul J. O’Reilly (’84).

The Crowded Table 2: The Fatherhood Adventure is available now — just in time for Father’s Day!