New England

On the evening of Easter Saturday, members of the TAC-New England Class of 2026 trickled in twos and threes into Margaret Olivia Hall, responding to invitations from a group of sophomore co-conspirators. Their hosts had hatched a plan to bring the sophomores together to celebrate Easter with a formal dinner and an evening of relaxation. They were joined by chaplains Rev. Greg Markey and Rev. Carlos Viego, the Resident Directors, and Dean Steve Cain and his wife, Mary. 

“I wanted to do something that would express appreciation for the fellowship in our class, and this dinner was the perfect opportunity,” says Bella Martinez, (’26) who led the group of students who cooked the dinner, decorated the dining room, and spread the word. Highlights of the evening included Fr. Viego’s toast — an admonition to the classmates to prepare themselves to become juniors, but to retain the youthful vigor of underclassmen — and photographer Samuel Livingston’s (’26) collage of photos recounting the class’s sophomore and freshman years, sparking quite a few laughs over embarrassing or memorable moments along the way.

Members of the Class of 2026 rounded out the evening with delicious tiramisu and affogatos before an hour of dancing and looking back on the past two years — as well as forward to junior year. “It helped me to realize how lucky I am,” said sophomore Eddie Salazar, “to have such a strong class around me.”