New England

On Friday nights throughout the 2021-22 academic year, the students of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, will have the privilege of attending lectures from some of the nation’s most distinguished scholars — covering a wide range of topics — through the St. Vincent de Paul Lecture and Concert Series.

The Series, endowed by Barbara and Paul Henkels, is an integral part of the College’s curriculum, designed to complement both the content of the academic program and the Discussion Method used in classes. Because it is also necessary for students to learn how to grapple with long, extended arguments — unlike in the classroom, where they analyze arguments in smaller steps — lectures are scheduled throughout the year. These addresses are followed by open-ended discussions that permit careful questioning and detailed answers. In addition, concerts of classical, operatic, or sacred music are hosted two or three times a year in order to encourage students to develop a love of the best kinds of music.

“We are very pleased with the lineup of scholars who will be speaking in this year's lecture series,” says tutor Dr. Paul K. Shields, who arranges the Lecture Series on the New England campus. “They represent top-level expertise in a wide range of fields. We are confident that their lectures will provide a rich complement to our classical curriculum and stimulate valuable discussion among our students and faculty.”

The dates and general subjects for the 2021-22 academic year on the New England are listed below. Details about the Fall Concert are still forthcoming, and lecture titles will be provided as each event draws near. Lectures take place at 7:30 p.m. in Dolben Auditorium and are open to alumni and friends of the College, free of charge.

August 27 Opening Lecture
Dr. Patrick Gardner
Thomas Aquinas College, New England
Subject: Liberal Education
September 24 Dr. Mary Mumbach
Professor of Literature
Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts
Subject: Literature
October 15 Dr. Lawrence Feingold
Associate Professor of Theology & Philosophy
Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis
Subject: St. Thomas on Predestination
November 12 Dr. Glenn Arbery
Wyoming Catholic College
Subject: Literature
January 28 St. Thomas Day Lecture 
Dr. Bruce Marshall
Lehman Professor of Christian Doctrine
Perkins School of Theology
Southern Methodist University
February 11 Dr. Michael Behe
Lehigh University
Subject: Evolution
February 25 Presidents’ Day Lecture 
Dr. Russell Reno
Editor, First Things
March 25 Dr. Brian Kelly
Thomas Aquinas College, California