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Visiting season is here!

Over the next few months, Thomas Aquinas College will welcome prospective students from across the country and abroad to come see the campuses, attend classes, and sample the College’s rich spiritual and community life. When these visitors come, they stay with current students in the residence halls, thereby getting the full TAC experience.

Earlier this week, to thank these student hosts for their hospitality, the Admissions Office held barbeques in their honor on both campuses.

Photos: New England
  • The admissions cooks relax with head Chef, Mr. Cosgrove
  • Sophomore Jack M. serves dinner
  • Admissions staff member pitches in
  • Junior-Senior pals get along
  • Senior girls have a good time
  • Mr. Jost delivers his speech
  • The speech rouses
  • A lull in serving
  • The boys are excited for popsicles
  • All are having a good time

On Monday, the New England Admissions Crew treated the hosts to a steak barbeque in the Bl. Frassati Student Center. Students from all classes sat down to enjoy a delicious meal of steak, cilantro rice, summer squash, and homemade challah bread.

“I’m so glad you’ve all volunteered to be a part of the TAC admissions process,” said Associate Director of Admissions John Jost. “So many of you have told me how much you loved spending a night or two in the dorms, meeting people, and getting to know your host. Now, you all get to be that cool college student who leaves a good impression on prospective students!”

Photos: California
  • Serving the underclassmen
  • A very long table of people having a good time
  • Much mingling between classes
  • Staff help out serving
  • Everyone is getting along
  • Senior helps serve food
  • Mr. Daly joins in the fun
  • Joe Guinee gives a talk
  • All are having a good time

Two days later, the California Admissions team followed suit with a dinner on the St. Gladys Patio. Student hosts dug into tri-tip and chicken as they laughed and joked with each other, the mood merry.

“We encourage anyone who is interested to come visit,” said Admissions Counselor Joe Guinee. “Visiting gives you an authentic experience of the College and a great sense of whether life at TAC is for you.”

Are you a high school student? Schedule your visit now!