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OSV News Agency logoIn a back-to-school spirit, Paul Senz at Our Sunday Visitor has dedicated a new article to understanding the Great Books approach to education that has come to define several Catholic colleges over the last 50 years, Thomas Aquinas College chief among them.

The greatest minds in history, California tutor Dr. John J. Goyette (’90) tells the weekly Catholic newspaper, “speak to one another through the Great Books, forming a great conversation. The best education consists in listening in on this great conversation, and also taking part in it.”

Students at the College take part in that conversation not only by reading the books, but by engaging with them using the Discussion Method. “At TAC, I am constantly challenged to understand the arguments made by great authors and then apply their conclusions,” says Claire Thomas, a senior on the California campus. “My classes are never boring.”

For more, read the article in full: Embracing the Great Books: A Journey to Truth and Wisdom at Catholic Colleges.