Unlike most colleges and universities, Thomas Aquinas College does not have a competition-based application process, in which the Admissions Committee examines all applications, then picks and chooses among them. The College’s founders firmly believed that a Catholic liberal education should be available to — and can benefit — anyone with the aptitude and willingness to undertake it. As such, the College has a rolling-admissions program. Each application is considered on its own merits, and any applicant who demonstrates the ability and desire to spend four years reading, discussing, and discerning truth from a wide range of difficult texts is offered admission, space permitting.

To the extent that standardized test scores are predictive of academic success, the College considers them as part of the application process. Most accepted students’ test scores range within the 80th percentile or above, and even students who achieve perfect scores on standardized tests still find the program to be rigorous and challenging.

While there is no absolute minimum, math scores that fall close to or below ~540 SAT/ ~22 ACT/ ~20 CLT will raise concerns about an applicant’s readiness for the curriculum’s demanding Mathematics and Natural Science courses. Verbal scores that fall close to or below ~570 SAT ERW/ ~23 ACT English/ ~50 CLT Verbal Reasoning & Grammar/Writing (combined) likewise sometimes suggest that an applicant may not be as prepared to handle large and complex readings or to participate meaningfully in classrooms discussions.

If you have further questions about the College’s test-score policy, please do not hesitate to ask the Admissions Office.