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Sophia (Mason ’09) Feingold
Sophia (Mason ’09) Feingold

Alumna writer Sophia (Mason ’09) Feingold offers some timely reflections on the end of the liturgical year in a recent article for National Catholic Register.

“The month of November is a little like its own liturgical season,” she writes, observing that the Church weaves many thematic threads into the month’s feasts and ferial days: Death and purgatory, the communion of saints, and the ultimate kingship of Christ. The resulting tapestry richly reveals that November is about the Church as a whole: ‘Christ has only one mystical body, and its unity is more real than we sometimes realize.’”

Mrs. Feingold emphasizes that Christians in the world best express the mystical body by embracing the humble responsibilities of ordinary life, especially those presented by the individual people whom we meet. “When Rome and Jerusalem crumble to dust, the one thing remaining that will bear God’s name forever is what God built when He scooped up dirt and slime and in breathed life: humankind.”

As Advent begins, and with it the new liturgical year, Mrs. Feingold’s reflections helpfully situate the new season within the whole cycle of feasts and solemnities that, taken together, define a Christian’s sacramental life.