Emily (Barry ’11) Sullivan
Emily (Barry ’11) Sullivan

Emily (Barry ’11) Sullivan, who serves as the Student Support Coordinator at Thomas Aquinas College, New England, traveled west last weekend to host a timely retreat for the women of TAC-California. For two days Mrs. Sullivan — joined by tutor Dr. Katherine Gardner (’06) and author Suzie Andres (’87) — presented a full itinerary that included various spiritual talks and social events.

Over the course of the retreat, each of the attendees was invited to consider what it means to be a woman, her place in the community, and the beauty of being a daughter of Christ. The talks took place in the coffeeshop over meals, between visits to the Chapel for Masses and Adoration, and otherwise throughout the day. Mrs. Sullivan spoke about Theology of the Body, friendship, and the divine plan; Dr. Gardner discussed the intellectual life; and Mrs. Andres addressed the topics of prayer and intimacy with Christ. 

“Spending so much quality time with my classmates was overwhelmingly beautiful,” said Jackie Ogden (’25). “I got to work and learn with them about what it means to be a woman — we bring our own special thing to the table.” She added, “I’m so grateful for all the speakers for spending their time with us! The retreat was a Godsend.”