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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Thomas Aquinas College celebrated the holiday in a show of community last Sunday evening. Students, faculty members, and their families gathered on both campuses to give thanks to God for His tremendous blessings.

In California, President Paul J. O’Reilly honored several tutors who are celebrating milestone anniversaries in their service to the College: Dr. Phillip Wodzinski and Dean John J. Goyette (20 years), Dr. John Francis Nieto (30 years), and Dr. Thomas J. Kaiser (40 years). The College also took a moment to honor tutor Larry L. Shields, who — after 50 years of service — passed away earlier this month, and whose eldest son, Daniel (’05), was on hand for the occasion.

California Thanksgiving Dinner
  • A student couple poses outside
  • Three at a table smile for the camera
  • Another shot of the same table, with two more people in frame
  • Four at a table and a server smile for the camera
  • Four at a table pose for a photo
  • Nine at a table pose for a photo
  • Five smile for the camera
  • A conversation at one of the tables
  • Two tutors chat as coffeeware is laid out
  • Conversation at one of the tables
  • Three pose for a photo
  • Five at a table chat

In his Thanksgiving address, Dr. O’Reilly paid special attention to the virtue of gratitude and its realization in Jacob of the Old Testament. “What, then, does Jacob teach us?” the president asked. “If we look to the good things we have received, if we reflect that we are not worthy of those things, because they have been given to us, not earned by us, then we must give thanks.”

Following Dr. McLean’s address, the student choral group Chrysostomos sang for all those present:

Some 3,000 miles to the East, on the New England campus, the community gathered in the Bl. Frassati Student Center for a traditional feast and a performance from the Thomas Aquinas College Choir. “By happy coincidence, we are celebrating today, a little in advance, in obedience to our country, a day of thanksgiving, and also, in obedience to the Church, the Feast of Christ the King,” said Dean Steve Cain in his Thanksgiving Address.

“Our feasting in this life ought to point to and make us long for the wedding feast of the Lamb; our citizenship in this nation ought to point to and make us long for citizenship in the heavenly Jerusalem,” said Dr. Cain. “Through our faith, we can see more clearly where and when we will come to ‘the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquility, and union,’ when we enter into the Kingdom of Christ the King.”

New England Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Three in the choir sing
  • Two servers serve mashed potatoes
  • A smiling server serves mashed potatoes
  • Students in the line for food
  • Three servers serve the food
  • Conversation at one of the tables
  • Two enjoy the dinner on one side of a table
  • A view of tables around Tracy packed with students
  • A conversation at one of the tables
  • Four pose for a photo
  • Overhead view of the serving line
  • Four at a table enjoy the meal
  • Nine at a table
  • Three at a table
  • Students around one of the tables enjoy the meal
  • Stephen Grimm announces the children's choir
  • Stephen Grimm conducts the College Choir