New England

The Freshmen Class of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, hosted the last dance of the academic year this past Saturday, opting for an “Under the Stars” theme.

To set the tone, the freshmen adorned the Bl. Frassati Student Center in all manner of sparkling lights, and guests entered the building in elegant formalwear. The dance started off with the student-produced entertainment, a psychedelic indie-style music video featuring the weird, yet wonderful, life of the Class of 2027. Students laughed at the special effects, funny lyrics, and shots of their friends and classmates playing instruments in various places around campus.

Then, the dancing began! As the sun set, the room darkened, making the “stars” strung across the ceiling even more prominent. While they took breaks from dancing to chat, students snacked on starry sugar cookies and fluffy strawberry meringue.

Around 9:00 p.m., a one-round rhumba competition began, featuring eight couples ready to take on this lesser-practiced dance form. Dancers performed, judges conferred, and the winners were announced: Sophomores Alessandra De Kroon and Samuel Livingston! Everyone applauded, and the music started back up for many more hours of stellar fun.