New England

With only two weeks until the end of the academic year, the New England Class of 2025 hosted a formal dinner Saturday night in honor of the Class of 2024.

The event began outside of Bl. Frassati Student Center with an hors d’oeuvres hour. Students and tutors chatted as they sampled meat and cheese from elegantly arranged charcuterie boards. After an hour of delightful conversation, they moved inside for dinner, where they were greeted with a refreshing spring salad. Student waiters brought out plates of Brazilian steak, paired with an assortment of savory vegetables.

As juniors, seniors, and faculty cleaned their plates, the toasts began. “The Class of 2024 has been not just a role model, but a friend to all of us,” said toastmaster Sam Peterson (’25). “When I think of the shared victories, political debates, and shared thoughtful constructions your class has provided to mine, I can’t help but see you all as older brothers and sisters. We have a kindred tie that is equal parts frustrating and comforting, as siblings tend to be.”

Everyone enjoyed chocolate mousse as students from both classes stood to thank each other for their example and friendship. When the toasts were finished, all headed over to Olivia Music Hall for dancing. Students from both classes dedicated songs to each other and took to the floor for one last night of fun before the start of finals week.