With the semester’s close coming near, farewells have been in order at Thomas Aquinas College, California. Last Saturday night, the Junior Class hosted a dinner on the academic quadrangle, followed by a dance in St. Cecilia Hall, for the soon-to-be-graduating seniors.

Before dinner, members of both classes arrived in the Chapel Plaza for a reception with appetizers made by the juniors and served by underclassmen. Groups mingled at tables, on the Chapel steps, and on shady benches, all dressed in their finest attire. Some tutors were in attendance as well, enjoying pre-dinner chatter.

Then onto dinner, the upperclassmen enjoyed a feast of leek soup, strawberry salad, and steaks with cheesy potatoes and green beans. Their tables were spread in front of the Guadalupe Fountain in the warmth of the setting sun. By the time everyone was finishing up the main meal, the servers brought out a chocolate mousse dessert, and juniors Alex Roberts (’25) and James Grimm (’25) commenced the toasting. Students raised their glasses in honor of their friends and role models, the experiences that bound them together, and the good times still to come.

The party soon moved into St. Cecilia Hall, where students cheered and laughed over a slideshow of photos from the last four years. They then took to the dance floor for the remainder of the night, dedicating songs to one another in a final moment of commemoration.