Jose GuardioaA brief profile of Jose Guardiola (’19) is included in a recent National Catholic Register story, Catholic College Students Reflect on Their Years in College.

In the profile, Mr. Guardiola of Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua (Mexico), describes what led him to choose Thomas Aquinas College. “I was looking for a place that offered a rigorous academic education. I wanted a place where I could read a lot, and study philosophy and theology,” he says. “That decision has paid off.”

The senior goes on to describe how, after graduating this spring, he intends to earn a master’s degree in creative writing. In the summer of 2017, Mr. Guardiola was the only undergraduate among just 13 students chosen to participate in a summer writing workshop at the University of Iowa, home of one of the nation’s top-ranked creative-writing programs, led by bestselling novelist Lan Samantha Chang. There he worked on the novel he began during his freshman year, When Venus Passes Through Virgo (“Virgo signifying the Virgin Mary, and Venus the temptation to turn inwardly”).

He also tells about how he came into the Faith — and the effect it has had on his family.

The full article is available via the National Catholic Register website.