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According to the Princeton Review’s 20th annual guide to the nation’s Best Value Colleges, Thomas Aquinas College has some of the “happiest” and “most religious” students, the country’s second-best financial aid program, and the highest-rated faculty.

“The schools we chose as our Best Value Colleges for 2024 are a select group: They comprise only about 8 percent of the nation’s four-year undergraduate institutions,” says Rob Franek, editor-in-chief of The Princeton Review. “We commend their administrators, faculties, staff, and alumni for all they are doing to educate their students and guide them to success in their careers. These colleges are also exceptional for the generous amount of financial aid they award to students with need and/or for their comparatively low cost of attendance.”

Alongside this broad acknowledgement of the overall value of a TAC education, the education services company also highly rated the College on a scale of 60 to 99 points on a number of specific areas, such as 90 for return on investment, 92 for academics, 96 for financial aid, and 98 for faculty accessibility. On the question of instructional quality, the College’s teaching faculty scored a perfect 99/99.

“Thomas Aquinas College is one of the nation’s best colleges for students seeking a great education with excellent career preparation and at a relatively affordable price,” the guide’s authors note. Moreover, based on its survey of students at the 209 schools that made the “Best Value” list, The Princeton Review ranked Thomas Aquinas College:

  • No. 2 for Great Financial Aid
  • No. 3 for Happiest Students
  • No. 4 for Most Religious Students
  • No. 8 for Friendliest Students
  • No. 9 for Most Beautiful Campus
  • No. 10 for Lots of Race/Class Interaction
  • No. 11 for Best Classroom Experience
  • No. 11 for Best Quality of Life
  • No. 17 for Best Student Support and Counseling Services
  • No. 18 Professors Get High Marks

Notably, the College also scored No. 2 in the nation on the “Pot’s Not so Hot” list and No. 4 for “Scotch and Soda, Hold the Scotch” — a testament to the wholesomeness of campus life and students’ commitment to the academic program.

“We are grateful that the Princeton Review has, once again, highlighted both the quality of our academic program and the affordability of this education,” says Chris Weinkopf, Thomas Aquinas College’s executive director of college relations. “Especially noteworthy are the high marks it has given for the excellence of our faculty and the quality of our classroom discussions, which are at the heart of our academic program. These high rankings, coming from a secular college guide, speak to the universal value of our program of Catholic liberal education.”