Sophomores at Thomas Aquinas College, California, took the opportunity this past Sunday to say goodbye to their soon-to-be departing friends from the Class of 2024 with a farewell brunch.

Though the Sophomore-Senior Brunch ordinarily takes place on the St. Gladys Hall Patio, inclement weather forced this year’s event into the St. Cecilia Lecture & Concert Hall. After the 9:00 a.m. Mass, the two classes made their way over to Fritz B. Burns Auditorium in their Sunday best. The diners dug into a delicious meal of breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, cream puffs, and other morning delights, all lovingly prepared by sophomore volunteers.

The students then took their seats and dug in, enjoying much friendly conversation and laughter. Masters of Ceremony Charlinda “Charlie” Gerrard (’26) and Noah Arredondo (’26) then took to the mic to kick off toasts. One by one, students came up to celebrate their friends, role models, and inspirations with kind words — seniors toasting the sophomores, and sophomores toasting the seniors in return.

Once the toasts had seemingly concluded, Charlie gave one more. “One of you said to me once that the notion that God would want to love you above everything else is a scandalous one,” she said. “Let Him love you scandalously. Let Him love you entirely.”