New England

Taking advantage of the three-day weekend, some 30 students from Thomas Aquinas College, New England, made a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on Monday. It was a day of reflection and prayer, beginning with the drive some 75 miles southwest. “We didn’t take a bus,”  explains junior Casey Kirk, “which helped us grow closer during the road trip to the shrine.”

Shortly after their arrival, Chaplain Rev. Greg Markey offered Mass at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy Chapel, joined by a few members of the campus choir. “With Fr. Markey celebrating the Mass and the choir singing, I felt the entire chapel be at peace,” recalls freshman Ana Patricia Cardenas.

After Mass, Br. Stephen Murphy, MIC, presented a talk about the Marian Fathers, who oversee the Shrine, as well as their values and the importance of exercising works of mercy in our lives. Students then prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00 p.m. — the Hour of Divine Mercy — before returning to campus. “This trip helped me to see how my mundane acts can be recognized as corporal works of mercy,” reflects freshman Dominique Huckins. “I have a deeper desire to offer my work up as much as I can.”

Photos: Divine Mercy Pilgrimage
  • Two students converse outside one of the buildings
  • Fr. Markey preaches in the Divine Mercy chapel
  • A group of students around an outdoor statue of an evangelizing monk
  • Fr. Markey at the center of the altar, celebrating Mass in the chapel
  • Four girls walk along one of the winding paths
  • A student prays afront one of the statues
  • A group of students pause before one of the monuments
  • A student contemplates a statue of the faithful laying Christ in the burial chamber
  • Students walk out from the chapel after Mass
  • Students walking toward a road, afront a line of trees
  • Three students walk in a row, the middle one with a hand on the shoulder of either of his companions
  • A group of students walk down the road with Fr. Markey
  • The same group as before, viewed from behind
  • Laughing, Fr. Markey talks with some of the students
  • Assembled on picnic benches, the students listen to a talk
  • The brother delivering the talk, with Fr. Markey standing to one side
  • A distance shot of the students walking amidst the fall colors
  • The students pray the Rosary at the Lourdes grotto