New England

Students from Thomas Aquinas College, New England, joined fellow Catholics from four other area schools at Dartmouth College this past weekend for what some have described as an “epic” Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

Following a beautiful drive through southern New Hampshire, the TAC squad arrived at the Dartmouth College campus, where members met up with teams from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (TMC), Magdalen College, and Dartmouth’s Aquinas House. Rev. Timothy Danaher, O.P., director of the Aquinas House, led the teams in prayer, then explained the rules and started the bracket.

TAC’s first match was against the Dartmouth team. Despite the chilly weather, high winds, a muddy field, and the occasional hailstorm, both teams gave the first game their all. Team Dartmouth was formidable, but TAC took the game 11-6. In the subsequent (and final) round, TAC vied against Magdalen College, which had bested TMC in the previous round.

Magdalen took the lead quickly, gaining five points before TAC made one. Noting their team’s morale amidst the inclement playing conditions, TAC’s fans cheered loudly for every play, encouraging the players to do their best. The players fought for a comeback, but ultimately couldn’t overcome mighty Magdalen, which won the game, 11-6. Though they were covered in mud from head to toe, both teams congratulated each other on a fun game.

After all the tournament concluded, Dartmouth’s Aquinas House hosted its guests for a barbeque dinner. The students from all four schools enjoyed the warm building and getting to know each other over burgers and hot dogs before returning to their respective campuses.

“It was so much fun. I would do it all over again!” said Mary Wassel (’25). “The people from the other schools were so nice, and it was great to meet other local Catholics.”