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Since 1989, the students of Thomas Aquinas College have come together on a weekend in November for the Turkey Bowl, an annual flag-football game. In 2019, the game became a two-part, bicoastal event when the College opened its New England campus.

This past Saturday was game day, with students on both coasts fired up for the competition. The East Coast saw the early action, with New England upperclassmen handily defeating their underclassmen counterparts 39–19. “We smoked them,” boasted one junior.

New England Photos
  • A student prepares to make a long pass
  • An upperclassman blocks an underclassman
  • Getting ready to intercept a running pass
  • Students get ready at the line of scrimmage
  • Scrimmage!
  • Wide receivers attempt to get out as the QB looks for options
  • The QB gets ready to make a high pass
  • Upperclassman gets the ball and begins a run!
  • The QB syncs up with a wide receiver for the pass
  • Students and tutor kids cheer on the sidelines
  • Both teams line up for scrimmage
  • Upperclassmen punt
  • Underclassman catches the ball as upperclassmen rush to intercept and one of his teammates opens for a pass
  • Underclassmen offensive at the line of scrimmage
  • Another shot of the same
  • An upperclassman breaks through the line and sacks the QB!
  • Ball is hiked, upperclassmen offensive
  • Scrimmage!
  • Upperclassmen close on on an underclassman with the ball

Later in California, the underclassmen got revenge as the Freshman-Sophomore squad eked out a narrow victory over the Juniors-Seniors, 34–29. Controversy ensued, however, when the underclassmen ran out the clock in the final minutes, denying the opportunity for a tying touchdown. “It’s Nick Blewett’s last Turkey Bowl and you won’t throw the ball?” bemoaned the announcer. “These poor seniors will never play again!”

California Video & Photos
  • Players and refs kneel in prayer pre-game
  • Six members of the upperclassmen before the game
  • Underclassmen line up
  • Watchers cheer from the sidelines
  • An underclassman prepares to pass
  • An underclassman prepares to pass as upperclassmen close in
  • Students watch and cheer from the bleachers
  • Another view of the onlookers
  • A shot of the announcers
  • Upperclassmen advance
  • An upperclassman in pursuit of an underclassman with the ball
  • Blocked upperclassman looks for a passing option
  • Upperclassmen huddle
  • Underclassmen huddle
  • Long shot of onlookers afront the gym
  • Upperclassman looks for a passing option
  • The ball is snapped
  • Onlookers cheer
  • An upperclassman catches the ball in an open field
  • Underclassmen team members cheer offside
  • Onlookers clap and cheer
  • A student gets ready to pass as another closes from behind
  • Post-game high fives and handshakes
  • The victorious underclassmen cheer

Yet after the final seconds ticked off the clock, both sides thanked and congratulated each other, happy to have played their part in a beloved TAC tradition.