Students putting questions in box

Staying up late for an intense game of soccer did not stop many students on the California High School Summer Program from getting up early this morning — either to attend the 7:15 a.m. Mass, or to review their Euclid props!

After a Denver scramble for breakfast, the programmers were ready to demonstrate on the classroom blackboards for their peers. Many were excited, but several were understandably apprehensive. Fortunately, after all their help from prefects at the previous night’s study hall, they were well-prepared. Though not everyone breezed through their demonstrations effortlessly, all succeeded in their efforts, most knowing the prop better than they first thought.

Today’s work focused on the construction of lines, with classes asking the presenter questions such as, “How did you complete this step?” or “Can you run through the end one more time?” Sections took up questions like: “Why is it essential that Euclid do that? Isn’t there another way?” and other examinations of his reasoning. For most, math took on a more organic, reasoned nature, building on yesterday’s review of Euclid’s starting principles.

Midday Mass followed, and then it was off to lunch. Over teriyaki chicken and rice, students planned their upcoming afternoon — there was only one class for the day! This afternoon offers free time for the students to relax, socialize, and study as they please. The evening promises to bring plenty of time to socialize and a game of watermelon water polo in the lower campus ponds.

Meanwhile, students have been stopping by St. Josephs Commons, specifically to visit this box:

questions box


Tomorrow night Fr. Sebastian will lead a session of “Theology on Tap,” in which he will answer anonymous questions about the Faith while students feast on root-beer floats. The question box, which has been accepting queries since yesterday, is filling up and ready to be opened!


Students putting questions in boxStudents putting questions in box