All the summer program students together afront the Dolphin Fountain

What a Sunday evening for this year’s California High School Summer Program! Following Sunday Mass, brunch, and an early afternoon study hall, the crew boarded buses and rode up the Pacific coast to historic Santa Barbara. Prefects led small groups of students through the beautiful coastal city, centering especially on the downtown and waterfront districts. Most spent time exploring State Street at the heart of town, as well as strolling down the pier and enjoying spectacular views of the hilly coastline and nearby islands.

  • Students squeeze together to fit in frame in the bus
  • Four pose together for a picture in Santa Barbara
  • Four others pose for a photo, one cocking an eyebrow behind rainbow shades
  • Nine girls seated afront the window of a clapboard building
  • Five with icecream, afront a harbor with boats at anchor
  • Six students at the railing, watching the seagulls
  • Nine girls pose afront the bay
  • Five students smile for the camera afront a railroad crossing
  • Seven students posing in center frame. We are looking straight down a shaded street with wide tiled sidewalks
  • Nine girls afront the Closet Trading Co's arched window
  • Students fill the outdoor tables of a little sidewalk cafe
  • Ten girls pose afront a planter box with ferns
  • Three students pose at the Dolphin Fountain
  • As the sun begins to set, six guys pose at a low tiled bench afront a street and the beach
  • A little group of students turns from conversation to smile at the camera
  • Seven girls link arms against the backdrop of the California sky
  • Lots of guys posing afront the Dolphin Fountain

Students were then treated to dinner at a venue of their choosing, and the different groups decided on Mexican food, pizza, ice-cream, and much more. After several hours in various parts of the city, everyone gathered in front of the water for a group photo. The crowd was in good spirits for the ride back to campus, and each bus prayed the Rosary while taking in the stunning views on their drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Upon returning to campus, students gathered in St. Cecilia’s Hall for a second dance practice. Prefect Dan Selmeczy (’08) continued instruction on swing and rumba steps, and under his masterful hand the group is quickly growing in confidence and ability! 

  • A couple performs an inside turn
  • The couples pair up and try out different moves
  • All the students dancing in couples
  • Performing a turn, in various stages of completion
  • Two students execute a turn
  • A couple works on their waltz position
  • The students all take up the waltz position for the next phase of instruction
  • Three girls afront the piano
  • The students try a few waltz steps
  • Performing their first waltz turn!
  • Another view of the waltzing students
  • Close-up of two students swing dancing
  • Students turn to listen to the instructor
  • Long shot of all the students dancing

Finally it was off to a much-needed rest, with an earlier curfew so that students would be refreshed for the upcoming week of classes. This morning students will begin their study of Euclid’s Elements, so be sure to check back this afternoon for details!