If, like recent graduate Jonathan Culbreath (’17) you are looking for words of wisdom from one of Thomas Aquinas College’s most beloved tutors, you are in luck! Alumnus Dr. John Francis Nieto (’89), a member of the California teaching faculty, has launched a blog, Half-Baked Books, which, as its names suggests, serves as a repository of Dr. Nieto’s musings, essays, and other literary endeavors.

Dr. John Francis Nieto (’89)
Dr. John Francis Nieto (’89)“In this blog, I think you will encounter the thought of a wise man,” writes Dr. Nieto’s colleague and fellow alumnus Dr. Andrew Seeley (’87). “A man of wide experience, talent, energy, and commitment, he has been a political activist, a playwright, a poet, a man of prayer, a schola director, an acclaimed amateur chef, a whiskey connoisseur, a linguist, a dedicated and revered teacher. … Above all, he has been a student of the great minds — ancient and modern, theological, philosophical, mathematical, scientific, poetical, and musical — in a particular way of St. Thomas and Aristotle.”

Half-Baked Books covers a range of topics as broad as its creator’s varied interests — including, as Dr. Seeley describes it, “metaphysics, quantitative abstraction, illumination, participation, being another Christ, poetry, Dante, and much more.” To name just a few of the posts: Clothes and Participation, On the Meaning of the Sabbath, The Object of Poetry and Its Truth, Matter as the Cause of Quantity, and Music and Morality.