Hot on the heels of the seniors’ welcome, the Class of 2025 hosted the newest students of Thomas Aquinas College, California, Saturday at a spy-themed dance.

The juniors transformed the patio behind St. Gladys Hall from a quaint and quiet place of study to a scene of high-stakes espionage. Networks of red yarn suggested intricate security lasers, while silhouettes of famous spies hung on the walls. 

The evening’s entertainment in St. Cecilia Hall’s Fritz B. Burns Auditorium was a parodic amalgam of silent movies and the dream heist film Inception. Featuring a wild dreamscape and a host of inside jokes, it told the story of two juniors attempting to persuade a third to volunteer for a difficult demonstration in a math class — by venturing into his mind! 

Juniors and freshmen took to the dance floor soon thereafter, where they danced the night away with swing, waltz, and even the occasional line-dance. At 10:00 p.m., the sophomores and seniors joined their friends on the dance floor, adding to the fun. The festivities continued until midnight, when the juniors’ not-so-secret mission to welcome the freshmen reached its successful conclusion.

  • Suave men pose for the camera
  • A gentler dance
  • A faster dance
  • A fun dance
  • The Juniors and Freshmen engage in serious espionage
  • Waltzing begins
  • Dancing picks back up
  • A break from dancing to admire the stars
  • The Seniors arrive
  • Fun!
  • Dancing slows down
  • But it's still fun
  • The party going strong
  • Oh what a night
  • The seniors are having fun still
  • Dancing keeps on going