New England
Students talk outside the Chapel

A late night at the drive-in movie theater didn’t stop students on the New England High School Summer Program one bit as they rose early for 7:45 Mass and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

For the day’s first class, students presented and discussed propositions 4, 9, and 10 from Book One of the Elements. Many were especially nervous about presenting Prop Four, which proves that if two triangles have two sides equal to the corresponding sides on another triangle, and the angles between the sides are equal as well, then the triangles are equal. “It’s a weird prop because it’s not structured like the others,” said Jacob O. “Euclid kind of just says, ‘If this is true, then if you put the triangles on top of one another, everything will coincide.’” The other two props were a bit easier for the students to present, demonstrating how to bisect angles and straight lines.

At lunch the kitchen offered up its ever-popular burger bar, complete with bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, and fries. Students talked about the props they had just presented and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finishing a demonstration. “I demonstrated Prop. Ten, which seems like the easiest one,” said Teagan W. “There was one part of the proof I didn’t remember, though, but we talked about it after, and I think I understand now.” Then, the prefects brought out cake to celebrate not one, but two birthdays! The entire room sang “Happy Birthday” to programmers Daniel B. and Lucy M., who were both pleasantly surprised.

Students with birthday cakes

In the afternoon class, students continued their discussions of Boethius’s The Consolation of Philosophy. In today’s reading, Lady Philosophy explains that earthly wealth and property are of little consequence since money and societal status will have no bearing in the final judgment. Though these goods may make men happy on earth, greater and lasting happiness is found only in God. Students considered what distinguishes true goods from false ones, debating whether “good” itself can be defined a kind of pleasure.

Tonight, the students will get to bring anonymous questions to Fr. Markey at “Chaplain on Tap.” We will have a full report in tomorrow morning’s Summer Blog post!

Two students read on a bench