Dillon Raum (’21)

The wheels are in motion for the 2022 High School Summer Program! Although there are many essential components, perhaps the most crucial part of every program is the panoply of prefects who keep things running smoothly and, most importantly, help participants make the most of their two weeks at Thomas Aquinas College. Heading the 2022 Program in California as its senior men’s prefect will be Dillon Raum (’21).

Dillon hails from Phoenix, Arizona, and was guided to Thomas Aquinas College by his high school geometry teacher, a TAC alumnus. “He really managed to awaken something in my mind,” says Dillon. “He managed to form a desire to learn the truth.”

Serving as a prefect is an occasion to form that desire for truth in others, and Dillon has met that occasion with aplomb for several years. “This will be my fourth Summer Program!” he reflects. But the truth that Dillon has learned to desire does more than impart knowledge to the individual mind; it also brings many individuals together in a community of friendship.

That’s why the two weeks of shared life and study culminate in Dillon’s favorite part of the program — a formal dance, when the splendor of truth is on full display in the joys of newfound friendship: “It is an absolutely incredible moment, stepping back and watching all these people who two weeks ago had no idea how to dance, and probably found the idea uninteresting or intimidating, undeniably having the time of their lives.”

Since graduating last year, Dillon has followed in the footsteps of his geometry teacher, and now teaches high school in his Arizonan homeland. And, just like his teacher, Dillon is surely continuing to inspire his students with the desire for truth.

Alongside this love for truth, although by no means unrelated, Dillon has a passion for writing. He not only wrote and delivered the Senior Address at his class’s Commencement, he also has some vast post-graduation projects in mind: “Specifically, I’ve started on a piece I’d like very much to finish one day, a tragedy called Achilles and Briseis.” Program participants will find him a ready and engaging conversation partner in all things academic and literary. With Dillon prefecting at the helm, the 2022 Summer Program is sure to be an unforgettable experience.