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The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has released the above video from Dr. Cara Buskmiller (’11), in which the alumna obstetrician and bioethicist recounts how she discovered her vocation to consecrated virginity while a student at Thomas Aquinas College. “As I saw people start to get into relationships, my heart went, ‘Oh, I’m for that, too!’” she recalls. “But in what way?”

Dr. Buskmiller found that way through prayer and thoughtful discernment, first considering consecrated life as a student while shouldering the College’s demanding workload and chipping away at the requirements for medical school. Indeed, her medical career and vocation have shared several milestones, especially in 2015, when she both completed medical school at Texas A&M and was fully consecrated to God alone.

Such parallels, of course, are not accidental. Dr. Buskmiller’s dedication to God as a consecrated virgin allows her to dedicate herself fully to others as a physician. As she reflects in the video, “We’re all meant to give ourselves as a permanent, exclusive self-gift, which is the most fulfilling form of love, as Our Lord shows us.”