New England
Students clink their root beer floats

Wednesday’s classes and birthday celebrations quickly gave way to Wednesday’s recreation period, as students on the New England High School Summer Program gathered in the Frassati Student Center for their final dance practice. There, they were able to put everything they have learned together, waltzing, foxtrotting, and swing-dancing across the floor, ready for Friday night’s dance!

Dance Class
  • Student pairs assume the swing position
  • Student pairs practice rumba
  • Students practice their dance moves
  • Students smile for the camera
  • A student pair practices a turn
  • A student pair sallies out to the dance floor
  • Two dancing on the floor
  • Students dancing around the floor
  • Students dancing by the mailboxes
  • A student pair dancing
  • A pair of students dancing
  • A student pair dancing
  • A student pair poses afront the mailboxes
  • A student pair smiles for the camera

When the dancing was over, many programmers went to the pool to cool off. From there it was on to Gould Commons for a dinner of chicken tikka masala, an Indian curry dish served with rice and naan bread. While they ate, students wrote down anonymous questions for the “Chaplains on Tap” program later that night. Then, it was off to the library to finish reading the Consolation of Philosophy and prepare for the next day’s Euclidean demonstrations.

Study Hall
  • Three study at a hexagonal table
  • Long shot of students at individual desks
  • Three cool men in shades study on a couch
  • Four study on couches and armchairs
  • Three study at a round table
  • Three study around a small rectangular table
  • Four study at individual desks
  • Students study at individual desks
  • Three study at a rectangular table
  • Six in couches and armchairs
  • Two discuss props on a bench in the Palmer hallway
  • Two discuss the props at the board
  • Students study at the classroom table
  • Students studying at the classroom table
  • Students study in the classroom
  • Two discuss props at a chemistry table

Next came the nightly Rosary, followed by the long-awaited “Chaplains on Tap” event back in Frassati. The coffee shop served root-beer floats and chips, and chaplains Rev. Greg Markey and Rev. Carlos Viego took turns answering students’ pre-submitted questions.

Questions ranged from the practical, such as, “Is speeding a sin?” to the lighthearted, e.g., “Can TAC chaplains say the Mass completely in English?” Others focused on Catholic theology and moral teaching, while others still were more personal, including “List your top five popes,” and “What are your vocation stories?” (To the latter, Fr. Viego responded, “I first fell in love with the priesthood when I was six, mostly because I liked the cassock and the watch my pastor wore.” He then went on to explain how, when he visited a monastery at age 18, he found a great joy and peace he had never felt before, during his rebellious youth.)

Chaplains on Tap
  • A prefect smiles for the camera by a row of root beer floats
  • Two pose with floats and chips
  • Students chat, drinks in hand
  • Three with floats
  • Students chat over their floats
  • Two chat by the mailboxes
  • Two pose for the camera
  • Two chat
  • Fr. Markey reads out a question, while Fr. Viego watches from his armchair
  • Seated in two armchairs like TV show hosts, the chaplains give their thoughts on a question
  • Students in chairs listen to the chaplains
  • Long shot of the chaplains and listening students
  • Students listen to the chaplains
  • Another shot of students in the audience

Once the chaplains finished answering their questions, the programmers headed back to the residence halls. The women’s prefects held a dorm party in the Gould common room, even bringing out a pinata. However, when the programmers finally cracked it open, there were only carrot sticks and celery inside! But before anyone could mutiny, the prefects brought out a second pinata, this time full of candy, which the group found eminently more satisfying.

Thence commenced a round of “Prefects on Tap,” in which the programmers presented questions to their prefects. Yet just as Anne Berquist (’23) was on the hot seat, the group heard a clamor outside, and all rushed to see what it was. They were shocked to find the men dressed in suits and ties, holding flowers, and singing!

  • In jackets and ties, the men march toward the women's dorm
  • Another shot of the men, roses in hands
  • Three gentlemen smile for the camera
  • Three with roses
  • The men assemble outside the women's dorm
  • The men begin to sing
  • The men, singing with enthusiasm
  • The men, singing
  • The women emerge from their dorm to listen
  • The women listen to the serenade
  • Three men sing with gusto
  • The men sing with enthusiasm
  • The women applaud and cheer
  • The men hold out their roses
  • The women applaud
  • The men offer their flowers to the women
  • The women smell the roses

The men serenaded the women with renditions of “I Want It That Way” and “I Will Always Love You,” finishing their repertoire with an acapella, harmonized performance of the classic Irish tune “Red is the Rose.” After giving roses to each of the ladies, the gentlemen departed, heading back to St. Augustine Hall for a late-night snack of pulled pork sandwiches, some push-ups, and then, at last, sleep.

Today’s classes will feature the final discussion of Boethius and more — and more complex — Euclidean propositions. Read about all about them in this afternoon’s Summer Blog post!