Students walking on New England campusFrom its very beginnings, the founders of Thomas Aquinas College intended to form a close-knit community of learners, intentionally limiting the total number of students on campus. Upon reaching full enrollment on the California campus some years ago, the College had to begin turning away increasing numbers of applicants each year.

With the addition of the New England campus in 2019, Thomas Aquinas College is once more able to accommodate all who are willing and able to participate in its unique program of Catholic liberal education.

Nestled in the Connecticut River Valley 90 miles west of Boston, the New England campus offers students a classic collegiate setting. The expansive campus, first established as a seminary for girls in 1879, boasts four magnificent seasons, red-brick colonial buildings, and a location rich in American history.

At the New England campus, students live in single-sex residential halls that feature lounges, free laundry facilities, and shared kitchen spaces. The newly restored gymnasium includes a swimming pool, basketball courts, and a dance studio, as well as workout facilities and equipment.

Students at the New England campus enjoy easy access to the Connecticut River for kayaking and canoeing, and close proximity to Mt. Monadnock, famously featured in the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. The campus is also within driving distance of the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood Music Center and, of course, historic Boston and all of its sights.


In order to receive the full extent of religious-liberty protections under Massachusetts law, the College may admit only Catholic students to the New England campus. Religious devotions, however, are voluntary. The California campus remains open to students of all faiths.